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Why order a magazine? It’s simple. News articles are like the headshot of a story; magazine features are the full picture. And Townhall Magazine provides perfect complement to any conservative’s political newsgathering. Our contributors are top-notch. Our content is primarily exclusive and packaged with powerful design. Our covers are award-winning. You’ll walk away from each issue feeling better informed and more equipped to handle the news of the day.

One thing you won’t be is bored.

Our First Look section will wow you with amazing photography. Our Word section, which often highlights ridiculous recent quotes from politicians, will likely have you laughing. And our regular columnists—Mary Katharine Ham, S.E. Cupp, and Katie Pavlich—will have you thinking differently about current events.

A year-long subscription will open your eyes on topics ranging from gun rights and sex-trafficking to national security, government invasion into your private life, and the opinions of your favorite conservative commentators. It's the place to find interviews with and profiles and writings of some of your favorite commentators and elected officials, including Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Allen West, Susana Martinez, Dana Perino and many more.

Each month features an exclusive profile and interview with a conservative politician in D.C., so that you’re familiar with who’s fighting for you in Congress.

Our Townhall of Fame section each month will inspire you and warm your heart with stories of people making a difference.

And our editorial staff, while based in D.C., has connections with conservative activists and political players nationwide.

In an age of instant news, Townhall Magazine is showing why magazines will never go out of style. It appears in bookstores nationwide and is delivered to subscribers across the country. Make sure you’re one of them.

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